Aug 4, 2014

Swimming with Friends

Let me warn you this post has lots of cuteness and lots of photos.

Nelly, her Nerd and Ms J came over on Saturday to swim with Ms A and Ms P.  The weather was rather chilly for an August day.  It was overcast and the water in the pool was a little cold but, that didn't keep anyone out of the pool!!!  :)

Ms J and Ms P
Being silly and jumping off of the steps.
Ms A is trying to warm up Ms P.  Such a sweet big sister!

Ms P is divvying up the rings.
  Nelly brought her Polaroid Dive-Rated Waterproof Camera Housing for me to try with my Canon Powershot S100.  
Polaroid Dive-Rated Waterproof Camera Housing For The Canon Powershot A4000 IS, A3500, A3400, A3300, A3200, A3100, A3000, A2500, A2400, A2300, A2200, A1200, A1100, A800, A495, A490, ELPH 530 HS, 520 HS, 510 HS, 500 HS, 320 HS, 310 HS, 300 HS, 130 HS, 115 HS, 100 HS, 110 HS, SD4000, SD3500, SD1400, SD1300, S95, SD940, SD960, SD970, SD980, SD1200, SD780, S100 Digital Cameras
We had a lot of fun with it.  I was surprised at how clear the pictures came out.

We loaded up the girls on these round intertubes and played "bumper tubes" with them.  They had a blast!

Ms J looks adorable in her yellow polka dotted bikini.
Ms P going for the rings.

We took a quick break for a snack.  Everyone gets so hungry when they are swimming.  For dessert, we had Mickey Mouse frozen pops and cookies from the Great American Cookie Factory.

Their bellies are full and they are ready to jump in the deep end.

Nelly's Nerd was such a good sport letting the girls jump to him over and over.

We had a great time.  Thank you Nelly for bringing your camera case.  I think the pictures came out great considering it was so overcast.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!


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