Aug 25, 2014

Virtual Garage Sale

Have you ever heard of a Virtual Garage Sale?  Until recently I had never heard of one.  Brad (my son-in-law) called one Sunday evening, a couple of weeks ago, to tell me about a Virtual Garage sale he saw on Facebook.  They were selling these two for $50.00 and he wanted to know if I was interested.  I think he already knew the answer before he called.  :)  He said he would offer $40 on my behalf and see if they accepted the offer.  They did and I am so excited to be the proud owners of these animated Disney characters.  Thank you Brad for going to pick them up for me.  I really appreciate it!

 They will make a great addition to my Christmas decorations in my office.
There is a little spot on Mickey's ear that needs to be touched up.
Pluto has a spot on his nose that needs to be touched up.
Here is a clip of them in motion. 
They don't move quite this fast in real life.

Take care,

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