Sep 29, 2014

Soccer, Gumbo and Christmas Decorations

 We had a very full weekend starting with Ms. P's soccer game at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. :)
I handed off my camera to Ms. A so I could help with Mr. W.  She  took this photo of Pey.
I think she did a really good job!
Mom tickling Mr. W
Cute pic of Ms. A laughing at her brother
He rarely sits still.
Kevin made his famous gumbo (I'll post the recipe later this week) after the soccer game.  Of course, I helped!  It was delicious.

I made potato salad to go with the gumbo.
I made Salted Caramel Apple Cupcakes that I found on a blog I follow Flavors by Four.  I sent the leftovers to Brad to bring with him to work last night.  They loved them.

They were really good, with and without icing.
  We are all going to Disney World in November so Paw Paw and I gave each of the grandkids a gift to open in anticipation of our trip.
Ms. A got a Darth Vader mug and a Disney gift card.
 We gave Mr. W a Mickey Mouse cup, plate and fork and spoon set.  We didn't think anything of it when we handed him his cup.  Never once thinking that he would think there was something to drink in it, right?  It was so funny.  Brooke handed him the cup and he immediately tried to drink from it.  He could not understand why Nonnie would give him a cup with nothing in it!  I quickly washed it out and gave him some milk.  What were we thinking, right?
Off to the kitchen to get some milk in his new cup.
 Ms. P was so happy to get her Elsa costume.  We have been trying to get her one for several months now.  Brooke (Nonnie) found this one at JCPenney's and put it on hold so Paw Paw picked it up for her.
I asked her to twirl in her new dress.

My favorite photo.
After the Texans' game (go Texans!) Kevin and I brought our my Christmas decorations down from the attic.  I have more decorations in our closets and under the beds.

These are not bags of trash!  They hold wreaths, stuffed animals, linens, etc.

Well I guess you know what I am going to be doing when I get home from work this evening.  That's right...I'll be playing my Christmas music while I am putting up a 9 ft. tree in the family room.  My goal is to be finished in two weeks.  The hubs thinks that is a very unrealistic expectation to have.  I think it is possible since I should not have to rework the garland like I did last year.  We'll see.  You never know if you will run into a problem with lights not working, etc.  My toes and my fingers are crossed!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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