Sep 4, 2014

Themes for Weddings and Receptions

All of the fleur de lis were from my own personal home decor
I think it is much easier to have a smooth flow throughout your wedding and reception if you decide on a "theme" or "look" that you want.  For Brooke, it was important that we incorporate the "fleur de lis" symbol from beginning to end.  Her invitations had  the fleur de lis symbol on it.
I made 188 chocolate fleur de lis pops for the tables.  They were really easy and  very inexpensive.
She chose a beautiful "blingy" fleur de lis topper.
Beverage napkins
I had purchased these lanterns for the pool area.  She fell in love with them so we used them for the reception.  She tried to take them home but that didn't happen!!!  :)
We bought this fleur de lis cabinet from Kirkland's for Brooke and Brad.  It was placed outside of the reception area with photos on it.
This photo shows the real color of the cabinet.

I think you can create a really nice wedding/reception if you are consistent with your theme.  Especially if you choose one that has special meaning to you.

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