Oct 16, 2014

Christmas Tree Design Ideas

I recently stopped in at Arcadia Floral and Home Decor to see their beautifully decorated Christmas trees.  They carry everything in the store that you see on their trees.

Get ready to be inspired!!!

I fell in love with this display.  It is huge!!

Beautiful wall tree
The "sweets treat" tree is very popular this year.  Last year I bought Ms. P several "sweet treat" items for her bedroom at Hobby Lobby.

College themed tree

Mardi Gras themed tree
The masks on these trees are beautiful.

Upside down fruit tree
I hope to one day find an upside down Christmas tree that does not "break the bank"!
I think they are so cool looking.

Have you decided what themes you are going to use as your inspiration for your home this year?

If all goes well I hope to get the rest of our Christmas decorating done this weekend.  Now this does not mean I will not be "tweaking" or making some changes later on.  After all, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!  Right?  :)

Take care,


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