Oct 27, 2014

Transformation of Our Yard

We worked really hard in our yard this weekend to bring in the new season.  The front was looking good.  It just needed flowers and mulch.  Lots of mulch. 
 The backyard was a hot mess.  Typically when I am swimming every day I see what needs to be done and take care of it (i.e. trim the rose bushes, plants, etc.).  Well, I have been preoccupied with the inside so I neglected the outside.  You can tell by the overgrowth in the potted plants that the succulent was taking over. 
Some of the flowers were dying and the ground was in desperate need of mulch.  I saved the large begonias and put them into pots for the patio.
 The rose bushes were really overgrown and covering up the plants behind them.
So on Friday, after work, I trimmed all of the rose bushes and the succulents. 
Check out the overgrowth on these succulents.  I like for them to drape over the pots, not take over!
The hedges are really tall in this before shot.
 Here is an after shot of the bed in the backyard where we chose to plant the red Cyclamens.

It looks so much nicer now that everything is all cleaned up and refreshed.
The hedges have been reigned in and squared off.

 I did manage to get in a swim after we were finished.  The water temperature was 76 degrees but that did not keep me from swimming 45 laps!  It felt so good after working in the yard.  Of course, the hubs thought I was crazy!!!
We finally hung up the last curtain for the end pole of the patio.  Now we need to get more supplies to hang up the curtain around the french doors.  (It's always something!)  Right?
I am a bit embarrassed to show the photos of the front of the house but here's to keeping it real!  I have not taken the time to switch out the garland around the door so it looks like I am confused as to what season it is....spring or fall?  :-)  I will get to it tomorrow because I have a 90 minute massage today.  Woot Woot!!!!

I have a scarecrow sitting on one of the chairs but he seems to have fallen over.  Oh well.
 We always admire the cabbages but this is the first year we plant them.

Now I must confess.  We paid someone to do the mulch, trim the hedges (not the rose bushes), trim the oak tree and plant most of the flowers.  They started at 9 a.m. and were finished by 12:20 p.m.  It would have taken us at least three days!!!

I didn't take any photos of our Christmas decor this weekend because I was in the yard.  However, I will take them this week.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Take care,


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