Nov 3, 2014

Modern Christmas Tree

We have a modern Christmas tree in our guest room.  It is, without a
doubt, the easiest and quickest tree to assemble.
 The decor in this room is really a hodgepodge of Christmas decorations.
 I hung the frosted icicles from the light of the ceiling fan for a chandy look.
 I love my new pillows.  I ordered the bow one from Zulily.  The belt
and buckle pillow was purchased at Hobby Lobby.
I love this prissy stocking.  You can just tell that she has attitude!
 The "Believe" sign came from Hobby Lobby. 
Aren't these sweet looking?  I have had these for many years.
 I bought several of these door hangers when Brooke was in Kindergarten.
They have held up really well.

Take care,