Nov 18, 2014

Welcome to Our Master Bedroom - Christmas Style

I am SO excited to finally have a tree in here.  Especially a Cheetah tree!!!  I've wanted to put
one up in here for at least three years.  Yeah me!!!
I love the sentiments on this pillow.  I picked it up at Home Goods.
My mother-in-law, Shirley, painted this Santa picture many years ago.  She was not doing anything
with this picture so we asked if we could have it to hang in our home.  Thankfully she said
yes.  So we had it framed and display it proudly every holiday season.

I ordered the "Santa Claus is watching" sign on Etsy.

I just adore this crescent shaped Santa.  He used to light up but not any more.  He
must be 20+ years old.
Yes, we have more stockings just for us.  If you  have been counting this makes
three sets of stockings!!!

All I want for Christmas is peace and good will for all.

How do you like this pretty red feather wreath for our door.  I'd say it's a little
on the sexy side, wouldn't you?  Ha ha!!!

Thanks for stopping by...tomorrow's tour will be the master bathroom.

Take care and happy decorating!


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