Dec 9, 2014

Disney Holiday Gingerbread House

Isn't this the cutest gingerbread house ever?
I bought it last year but never got around to making it so I decided I would
assemble it this year.  I have been wanting to open up the box since last year
so last night, just before I went to bed, I opened it up to see the cute Mickey Mouse
candies.  I couldn't wait any longer to see such cuteness.  Much to my dismay, there were
NO Mickey Mouse candies.  In fact, there were NO candies at all!  The only items
in the box were the gingerbread pieces, the tray and the icing.  NO candies!!!
I was so bummed!!!  I think I bought it at Michael's so I am going to see if I can get
another one.  Can you believe no cute candies?

May your day be filled with your favorite candies!!!

Take care,


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