Dec 10, 2014

My Black Friday Purchase

The only Black Friday shopping I did was from home on my computer.
And then, I didn't purchase much.  I finally bought myself a much
wanted power washer.  The hubs has been trying to keep me from
getting one for a long time now.  I think he's afraid I will get out of
control power washing everything.  I probably will.

Well, I am now the proud
owner of The Weekender!  I have my own personal power washer and
I can't wait to use it.  My first project will be our driveway.  It is really dirty.
I imagine I will be really dirty when I finish cleaning it.

I also bought a DVD for Ms. A and a memory card for my camera.
That's it!  That was the extent of my Black Friday shopping.

Did you score anything special on Black Friday?

Take care,


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