Dec 8, 2014

Southern Comfort and Chia Willie

I am sure you are asking yourself what's up with the Southern Comfort and Chia Willie?
Especially if you know me, right?

The hubs' office had a Christmas party this past weekend in Sugar Land.  We had
a great time, not to mention the food was delicious!!!  There was boiled shrimp,
shrimp wrapped in bacon, crab dip, seafood gumbo, tamales, and lots
of other delicious things.  We had a great time.  Everyone is so nice and
friendly.  They make you feel like family....the good family...the ones
you want to hang out with.

Everyone was asked to bring
a gift for the White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Naturally, I bought
a home decor item.  Something I would want for our home, right?

I was hoping I would end up with our gift, but oh no!  I ended up with
the Southern Comfort and the Chia Pet!!!  Seriously?  I tried so hard to get someone
to "steal" it from us but no one was interested.  I kept telling the hubs I just don't
get the connection between Southern Comfort and Duck Dynasty.  He said it's
because they are both Southern.  I'm Southern and I would have NEVER put
these two together.  Would you?  I am sure this is a clever combination...I
just somehow missed the boat pirogue on this one.

I can now say that I have wrapped every gift and placed them under
the Christmas tree.  I have even wrapped Ms. A's birthday gifts (Jan. 1)
and Ms. P's birthday gifts (Feb. 4th).  I have nothing for Mr. W's birthday (Feb. 20th).

Here are some of the Christmas movies I watched while wrapping gifts:

Christmas Consultant
Hollywood Holiday
A Nanny for Christmas
Holly's Holiday
The Family Holiday
All About Christmas Eve
Home by Christmas
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Christmas on Salvation Street

What did you do this weekend?

Here's something to get you moving today.

Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
Robert Randolph and The Family Band

Take care, 


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