Jan 6, 2015

Weekend Trip to Lake Charles

Kevin, Brooke and I went to Lake Charles to visit Shirley (hub's mom) for Christmas the first weekend I was off for the holidays.  We had a great time!  We arrived really late on Friday night but we were full of energy come Saturday morning!  

Shirley had some remodeling done to her home and had not gotten around to hanging up her art work/decor.  So, Brooke told Shirley, let us do what we are good at...decorating!  So we began going through her various items to hang on the wall and came across these beauties.

Shirley painted all of these (except photo of large oak tree) many years ago.  We convinced her that they should be displayed where she could see them and appreciate her work.  We think they are beautiful.  In fact, we are trying to talk her into setting up the dining room as an art room so she can start painting again.  She certainly has the talent and I think she would really enjoy it.

 After playing with them awhile, we (Brooke says it was her idea/I think it was mine, too! :) ) came up with this layout.  I think it looks great, don't you?

This live oak tree, The Sallier Oak, is one of the most famous landmarks in Lake Charles.  It is on the grounds of the Imperial Calcasieu Museum in Lake Charles, Louisiana and is approximately 375 years old, with limbs covered in resurrection fern.  It is a 65 foot tall tree, with limbs spreading out to cover more than 165 feet of space.

It was struck by lightening in a storm 150 years ago, and the trunk of the tree split.  Area residents used a large chain wrapped around the trunk to hold it together.  Today, you can still see the chain, which has now grown into the tree.

Live oak trees typically live to be about 500 years old.  It is named after Charles Sallier, one of the first settlers in Lake Charles, and the city's namesake.

Her Christmas tree was so pretty and purple!  Can  you believe I cut off the head of the angel?  Oops!

Can you guess who sent her the Disney Christmas card?  Hmmmmm.......

We combined these three crosses to go in the area near the Christmas tree.

Shirley painted this lion when the hubs was in high school.  Isn't he gorgeous?

Here is another picture she painted to go in the hubs bedroom when he was a little boy.

We took a break from decorating and met my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and Miranda for lunch at Tony's Pizza.  Tony's is very well known for their pizza.  They also have great salads, poboys, and spaghetti.  If you find yourself in Lake Charles, head on over to Prien Lake Road.  Tony's has a restaurant and a drive-thru.  Chances are you will have to wait but you will not be disappointed.
I totally forgot to take a photo of our group.  My bad!!!

Tony's Pizza, 335 East Prien Lake Road, Lake Charles, LA 70601

After lunch, we went to the Accessory Zone of Lake Charles.  It is a great place to go to get personalized, monogramed items, gifts, clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, candles, etc.  They have a huge selection of fleur de lis decor in all prices, LSU items and gifts for brides, grooms and attendees.  They also carry a large selection of the Mudd collection for children.  We always make time for a stop when we go to Lake Charles.  Always.  You could probably do your entire Christmas shopping there.  No kidding!  They do price some things buy one get one half off.  I got two pairs of beautiful earrings.

Hope you have a great day!

Take care,


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