Feb 26, 2015

Bayou Wildlife Zoo

Lots of cute photos....both children and animals.

The best kept secret in the Houston area is the Bayou Wildlife Zoo.  It's like being on your own African Safari.  On a much smaller scale, of course.  The Bayou Wildlife Zoo is located between Dickinson and Alvin, TX.  

It is a completely natural setting where a variety of birds and exotic animals roam freely over 86 acres of natural habitat.  An experienced wildlife guide takes you through the property pointing out the various animals, where they are from and different characteristics about each one.

There are frequent stops to feed and take photos of the animals.

They currently have 500 animals and birds of 61 species from 19 countries.

There is a big dip in the road so the kids raise their arms like riding a roller coaster.

Looks like he got into some mud!

Funny story.  We were all watching some animals eat food from the girls on the opposite side of the tram, when all of a sudden we heard this really loud "whoa" from the hubby.  One of the animals had snuck up beside him and had its head right by his.  We all laughed so hard.  It was hilarious!!!  This was his first time there so he had no idea they would do that.  So funny!

He had a great time!

This is a great location to have birthday parties and family gatherings.

Ostrich eggs

My favorite is the zebra.

So darn cute!

They have a petting zoo.

These deer roam freely on the grounds and are so friendly.

They try to eat the food that you bring in for parties.

The mama deer was cleaning her baby.
Minature horse

Mr. W had his first ride on a horse.

Bennett Wallaby Kangaroo - Australia

Mr. W's party was at 10 a.m. so doughnuts, snacks, milk, juice and water were served.

This was the scene on our way out of the park.

This ram was just outside the window of the truck.  I had to quickly put the window up so he would not put his head inside.

The Bayou Wildlife Zoo is a great place to have good family fun.


$20 - Adults (12 years and up)
$10 - Children (ages 2 thru 11)
(only 1 free child under 2 per 1 paying adult)
Includes Exotic Animal tram ride, Children's Barnyard, picnic area, pony ride and petting zoo.
Bucket of Food $2.50
No Credit Cards - Sales Tax Additional
No Refunds - Rain Check Only

Group Rates

You must have 15 or more people to get the group rate.
$7.00 per person Monday - Friday
$10.00 per person on Saturday & Sunday with a $50 deposit 2 weeks in advance
(age one year and above)
Groups that do not have a reservation are $12.00 per person
Includes Exotic Animal tram ride, partial bucket of food, Children's Barnyard, picnic area, pony ride and petting zoo.


March thru August 1:  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
August thru February:  10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(Hours subject to change)

I hope you enjoyed the photos of the beautiful animals (kids too!).  Leave me a message in the comment section if you have any questions.

Take care,


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