Feb 11, 2015

New Rugs

I love our new rug in the foyer.  We purchased it in Lake Charles before Christmas but I  didn't want to put it out until our spring cleaning was done.  A man was selling them at a corner gas station.  The name of the company is OT Imports and his name is Kenny Bucchi.  Kenny said he travels around Louisiana selling rugs at different locations.

I am very happy with the rug but not the foyer itself.  I am working on a plan to rework it.  I want to move the light switch over near the front door instead of the wall it's on.  I want to do a texture and paint technique on the walls.  I am also going to remove the trim at the very tip top of the hall tree and paint it.  I love the crackle finish so I may apply it here.  I should put together a mood board and share the ideas floating around in my head and my Pinterest board.

I typically have three matching rugs in the kitchen.  One at the sink, stove, and breakfast room door.  This floral rug was originally at the front door so I moved it into the kitchen.  I wasn't sure I'd like it but I've decided I do.

The color is not the same but I think it works well together.

I am quite happy to have rugs on the floor again.  It adds a nice pop of color!!!

Take care!


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