Feb 19, 2015

Our Mardi Gras Celebration

We celebrated Mardi Gras at our home on Tuesday evening.  We had a great time with lots of good food.  Unfortunately, I only have photos of the before "they" (grandkids) arrived.  I didn't get any photos of all the cuteness.  :(  

Let me explain why.....and this happens every single time.  :)  They arrive all excited and have so much to say....sharing hugs and kisses all around.  Even for Uncle "Bladley" (that is what Mr. W calls Brad).  So darn cute.  Everyone is hungry so we immediately start fixing their plates and getting their drinks.

A few photos of the decorations.


Kids table

We had gumbo, pancakes (no photos of either of those), boudin, bacon, sausage, fruit, and a Kings Cake.  The kids ate pancakes while the adults had gumbo.  (Kevin made the gumbo, the pancakes and cooked the bacon.)

Let me tell you.....they ate some pancakes and bacon!!!  I kidd you not.  Every few minutes someone was asking for more.  We were laughing so hard at how fast they were going through the pancakes and the bacon.  They typically eat slower, talk, play with their food....but last night was a different story.  I even commented how quiet it was while they were eating.  There was one time Mr. W asked for more pancakes and we didn't get up fast enough for him so he went looking for his own.  Fortunately we were right there so we were able to stop him.  And yes, we did give him more pancakes.  :)

We colored, we played hide-n-seek, played with the beads that made noise, and laughed and laughed some more.  We sent them home with all of the leftovers.  

After they were gone we had everything cleaned and picked up in about 30 minutes.  Even the sticky door handle above the kids table.  :)

We are so blessed to have them all live near by.  This makes it so easy to get together for fun times like this one.  Memories in the making.

I hope you are making memories with your loved ones.

Take care and Happy Mardi Gras!!!


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