Apr 9, 2015

A Mama Dove and Her Baby Eggs

Last Saturday the girls and I went in the backyard to water my garden plants.  As we were walking away from the plants something caught my eye.  It was a Dove sitting in my fern.  I am talking eye level.  It startled me...in fact it looked fake it was being so still.  The only thing moving was her eye as she watched me.

 Needless to say, we startled her and she flew away.  I quickly lowered the plant for the girls to see the eggs.  They were so excited.  We put it back and left her alone.  She has been sitting on her eggs every day, rain or shine.  I told the hubs I want to put an umbrella over her.  He didn't think that was a good idea.

We have had a pair of Doves hanging around the backyard for over a year now.  I told the hubs they act as if it is their territory.  Last summer I was swimming in the pool, minding my own business.  I could see they were hanging around and they seemed to be annoyed with me and my music.  A little later one of them kind of swooped where I was but not low enough to touch me.  I guess it was a warning that they had heard enough!

Hope you are having a great week.  I am home recuperating from some dental work I had done yesterday.  Fun times!!!

Take care,


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