Apr 20, 2015

A Tea Party with Daisies

I had the pleasure of taking Sweet P to her first official tea party this past Saturday morning.  The Daisies held a tea party at the Four Friends Tea Room in Pearland.

Warning!!!  Lots of photos ahead!

Upon entering the front door you immediately find a couple of tables with some old time hats for decor.

We have lived in Pearland for 25+ years and this was my first visit to Four Friends Tea Room.  Why did I wait so long?  We had a wonderful time.

Each table had the supplies needed for the girls to make their very own bonnets.  The bonnets were made of a paper plate with a bowl glued to it.  The bonnets were painted in different spring colors.  There were lots of pretty ribbons, flowers and bright feathers to decorate the bonnets.

Here we are waiting patiently for the fun to begin!!!

Ms. Sherry gave the girls instructions on the following:

Decorating the bonnets
Setting a place at the table
Holding a teacup
Stirring tea in a cup
Pouring tea from a teapot

Table Manners
Speaking softly
Not reaching across the table to get something
Placing napkin in chair to leave table

A cute photo of Sweet P and her friends with their newly decorated bonnets.  They are adorable!

Sweet P practicing drinking from her teacup.  

My menu choices.

My lunch was delicious!!! 

Sweet P chose ham and cheese sandwiches.

Her sandwiches were shaped like teacups.

Her meal came with two cute little cupcakes.  She tried really hard to share with me but I finally convinced her to save it just in case she wanted it.  She was very happy she did!!!

She chose water as her drink.

After everyone was finished they passed around the dessert tray.

The chocolate covered peanuts caught her eye.  I told her it was all about her and she could have whatever she wanted.  She loves hearing me say that!

She wanted me to get a photo of her empty teapot.

After the tea party the girls gathered outside for several group photos.


In the gift shop she bought a beautiful silver dress with a hat for her American Doll.  I told her we can go back and she can bring her doll in her new dress.  

As we drove up her driveway one of her favorite songs "Sugar" by Adam Levine came on.  So we sat in the car and listened to the rest of it, singing along and having fun!!!  WARNING!!!  I cannot carry a tune!!!!

We had a great time!!!  It is so awesome being a grandma!!!

Hope you have a great day!!!

Take care,