Apr 8, 2015

Easter Weekend


We had a very busy weekend.  Let me warn you...there are lots of photos!!!

It all started on Friday morning.  Sweet P came over and spent the day with me.  We started out by painting her nails.  She chose light pink for her finger nails....

and two different shades of a darker pink for her cute little toes!

We posed for a "selfie" before we left to go shopping.  I told her the day was all about her.  She was so excited.  Later, when we were about to walk into Claire's, she looked up at me and squealed it's all about me today!  It was so funny!

Our first stop was Payless to get her some cute shoes to go with the Easter dress I bought for her.  She chose these cute sandals with pastel colored bows

Girls' Dora Multi-Bow Sandal, White, hi-res

and these silver sparkle ones.  She loves the bling just like her Maw Maw.  A girl can never have too much bling!!!

Girls' Glitter Gladiator Sandal, Silver, hi-res

As we were gathering up the boxes to go to the register, she spotted these Frozen rain boots.  She immediately said I can't leave without them.  So what's a grandmother to do but buy them, right?  Lucky for me I had a coupon for 30% off our entire purchase.

While I was doing her nails she realized she did not have cotton balls and finger nail polish remover at home.  So we picked some up for her at Target.  She was quite a happy girl.

When Paw Paw finished his work day he came and met us on her shopping spree.  We went to Claire's for stick-on earrings, white gloves, and jewelry.  She loves the stick-on earrings.  After that we went to Kohl's to buy her hat and purse.

It was the cutest thing to watch her wear the hat and purse up to the register.  She carried herself differently....she knew she looked good.  We still laugh about how cute she was...I wish I had gotten it on video.

Paw Paw and his princess.

Once we were all done shopping we went to her house to celebrate Easter with everyone.   The first thing we did was open presents.

Mr. W is not into getting clothes as a gift.  One day he will thank me.  :)  He looks inside, sees its clothes and closes the box.

When Ms. A was little, she would open her present and say more clothes?  Now she loves it!

I gave them clothes and Nonnie gave them fun stuff.  The girls both got Harry Potter Quidditch necklaces from Nonnie and Uncle Brad.

Mr. W got some pretty cool stuff.  A batman shirt, Captain America figurine, Iron man figurine...

a chocolate bunny and egg shaped chalk.

Looks like Sweet P got into his basket and found his bunny face sunglasses!

Nonnie made the pretty Easter cake.  It had green apple straw and tasted delicious.  Great job Nonnie!!!

Us girls had boiled crawfish while the men and kids had grilled steaks and burgers.

Mr. W loved his chalk.  He is one serious little guy.

Every year I dye eggs with the girls so we can "pock" them.  More on that later.

This year was Mr. W's first year to dye eggs.  Let's just say that he was not as gentle as the girls and kept making quite a mess.

Even Uncle Brad got in on the action.

The coloring kit was a Star Wars theme with two stencils, a marker and stickers to apply to the eggs.

After the eggs dried, we brought them outside so everyone could "pock eggs".  It's a Cajun tradition to pock eggs using our freshly colored eggs.  Pocking eggs requires two people with each an egg (boiled of course).  One of the participants taps on the other's egg.  Small end to small end or big end to big end.  Which ever egg breaks first in the tapping process looses the battle.  Some people say there is a science to the madness but it really comes down to who has the stronger egg.  The person that wins the pocking competition will continue pocking until their winning egg breaks.

Like most forms of competition, pocking Easter eggs sometimes brings out the cheaters in family members.  It is understood that you use chicken eggs but there were times when I was little that my cousins tried using duck eggs or even fake eggs to try and win the pocking competition.

When we were little we used to hide the eggs after we were finished pocking.  It wasn't unusual to miss an egg or two and find it smelling a couple of days later.  Now we hide plastic eggs for our Easter egg hunts.

Growing up in South Louisiana, I was under the impression that everyone pocks eggs on Easter Sunday.  It has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember, but in recent years I have learned that the art of pocking eggs is a regional tradition.  The hubs was born and raised in the same area I was but when we met he had never heard of pocking eggs.  Probably because he isn't Cajun!!!

I was also told, as a child, that the cracking of the eggs symbolized Jesus rising from the dead.

Here's Sweet P pocking eggs with her daddy.

Nonnie and Sweet P pocking eggs.

Ms. A pocking with her dad.

Here's a video of Ms. A pocking with her Uncle Brad.  You can see that he is still unsure of what he is doing.

After pocking eggs, it was time to hunt eggs.  This was Mr. W's first time to hunt eggs.  He immediately went after the crushed confetti eggs.

He even helped hide eggs.  It was the cutest thing.  He would put all of the eggs in one bush.  If they rolled out, he would put it back in.

He was happy that he found an egg.

It was hard to get clear pics of them running around hunting eggs.  I should have either videoed them or used the DSLR.

He looks so cute here standing by the 4 wheeler.

Here he is with the handle of his basket over his head.  Believe it or not, he really does smile and act silly.

Here's a cute pic of the girls after church.  Ms. A wore one of the outfits we gave her for Easter.  She does not like to wear dresses.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter holiday filled with lots of fun!!!

Take care,


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