Apr 16, 2015

My List of Projects for the Backyard

There are several projects I want to tackle as soon as the rain lets up.  (Please understand that I am not complaining about the rain.  We are so grateful to not be in a drought situation so far this year.  My heart goes out to all of you that are experiencing a drought in your area.)

The first item on my list is for the hubs to build two more lantern posts.  Last June, I had the hubs build two lantern posts for the shallow end of the pool.  You can find the steps to building your own posts here.  These two simple posts have added so much "wow" to that area for minimal cost.  Ever since then I have been pondering on where I could place a couple more.  :)

I want to place two new posts where the two black wrought iron lantern holders are now behind the fire pit.  I have finally convinced the hubs of how good it will look and he is now on board with my idea.  They will be a nice compliment to the copper pineapple torches and no longer blend into the background.  Something tells me he is going to love the new look.  Imagine that!

Here is my list of projects for the backyard:

Build two lantern posts for backside of fire pit
Power wash fence
Power wash cool deck and patio area
Scrub pool and clean really well
Trim hedges
Mulch for beds (pay someone)
Plant flowers
Rework doors of shed
Clean out shed
Sand and paint bench
Touch up paint where needed
Clean fan and lights
Wash curtains on patio
Make new curtains for windows in shed
Buy lanterns for shed
Hang up curtains for French doors
Clean grill
Clean refrigerator (the inside and outside)
Possibly build in the grill and fridge

Now if the weather will cooperate we can get a few things done!

Do you have a list of projects you want to work on?

Take care,


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