Apr 15, 2015

Spring Cleaning - Pool Side

We are getting so close to being able to swim!!!  I am SO EXCITED!!!  The grandkids keep asking if they can swim.  I let them dip their fingers and toes in and ask them what do you think?  Their answer is always the same...it's too cold!  But I can still swim!!!

We have quite a few things to do, spring cleaning if you will, before we start swimming.  We had the Polaris serviced to make sure everything is in working order and it was!  Check.

The next thing we did was clean the filters for the pool.  Boy were they gross.  You are supposed to clean them twice a year.  I told the hubs we are going to clean them every four months so they don't get so dirty and take so long to clean.

There are four filters in all that fit into the large round thingy.

The hubs was cleaning out the pool and found some rocks in the pool.  He made a comment that the neighbor's grandkids must have accidentally thrown the rocks in the pool (I can't imagine where the rocks were, can you?).  I laughed.  I reminded him that his oldest granddaughter was trying to make the rocks skim across the water.  He laughed and moved on.  You know those grandkids can do no wrong.

Here's what they looked like after they were sprayed down.  I was so filthy after we finished this job.  It was almost like sand blasting (not really but close to it).

Check out all of the dirt that came out of those four filters.

We discovered that this little thingy needs to be replaced.

The hubs added two bags of salt to bring the salt level up.  We are going to be adding the other chemicals to bring the pool up to the proper levels.  The water temperature was 80 degrees (top of water) so I imagine we will be swimming soon if the nights stay warm.  

Counting the days until we are swimming again!

Hope you are having a great day!!!

Take care,



  1. the pool looks so inviting! You'd never know it's cold!

    1. Ha ha! All it takes is a dip of the toes and reality hits! Trust me, it's cold!

  2. Your pool is beautiul. This will be the second season of our pool. We have a fiberglass one and we also use salt water. We landscaped our entire yard last summer and I made cushions and repainted chairs and tables so this weekend we have been setting up around the pool and patio/deck. It is so nice to hae all the manual labor out of the way. I just have to plant annuals in containers but will wait until it stops freezing at night. Our pool was 42 when we opened it the first of the month.....to start circulating the water. It is now 60 and I anticipate turning the propane on in the next week. I take it you don't heat your pool>

    1. Hi CatieAn! Thank you for your kind words. We love our pool...even the work that goes along with keeping it up. It's an extension of our home. I know what you mean about the manual labor out of the way. My problem is I keep adding things for me to do! It gets worse when I am floating in the pool looking around. :) We do not have a heater for our pool. I am hoping one day we put in a solar heating system. Fingers crossed! I checked the temperature of the water on Sunday and it was 76 degrees. Still a little too cool! Take care and enjoy your pool!