May 12, 2015

Container Gardening Update

I am happy to report that my container gardening is going really well.

Our lime tree is full of limes.  We will have plenty of fresh limes to make margaritas or just to squeeze into a cold Corona.  How's that for service?  :)

I like to quarter limes and rub them on the bottoms of my feet.  It makes the skin so much softer and easier to exfoliate.

The miniature chocolate bell pepper is here.  I'm waiting for it to turn colors before I pick it.

Here's a pic of the Kale plant.  I'll be able to snip some leaves really soon!

This is the second egg plant I have picked.  There is another one just about ready to cut.

I am not sure why I didn't take any pics of the tomato plant and the miniature yellow bell pepper.  Maybe because they haven't produced yet.  Who knows.

Do you have any plants that you are tending to?  How are they doing?  I'd love to hear your tips or secrets to a better container garden.

Take care,


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