Jun 30, 2015

Father's Day Celebration

The banner is from Amanda's Parties to Go

We celebrated Father's Day this past Saturday with a swimming party.  It is really nice now the water is finally warm enough to swim (yes at the end of June, crazy!).

I prepared the meal the hubs requested for his special day:

Rice, Gravy & Blackeye Peas
Homemade Mashed Potatoes & Corn

He worked outside cutting the grass and other things.  Look what I caught him doing!!!
Yep....that's a power washer.  My power washer!  I told you about that story here.

He didn't know I was taking a pic of him in action.  :)  So busted!!!  (I told him about it later that night and he laughed.  He said I was doing it for you.  Nice try!)

After he finished up outside, he went to the store to get a few things.  He bought a bouquet of flowers for me and a bunch of balloons that had an awesome balloon in it.  He jokingly said it was because he is so awesome!  I laughed at him and said he was crazy!  Little did I know that he had a plan for the balloons.  He asked Ms. A if she wanted to bring them home to her dad since he is so awesome.  Of course she said yes.

I decorated the table with some new place mats I found at Home Goods.

I thought they were a nice compliment to the rug and mat.

Mr. W loves fire trucks so I picked up this float for him.

Warning!!!  There are a lot of photos ahead.  You have been warned!!!

A couple of pics of Ms. A doing a flip under water.

Who has pretty hair like this under water?

Mr. W is getting acclimated to the water....

Here he is dancing.  We all start laughing when he starts dancing.  If you look real close you can see he is smiling as he is dancing.

Showing us a few more moves.....

The water was nice and warm so he really enjoyed himself.



A few pics of Sweet P....

Her Paw Paw and Uncle Brad were pushing her back and forth in the water.

Sweet pic of Paw Paw and Mr. W.

After swimming for a while, Mr. W asked for Mickey.  I knew what he wanted....Mickey Mouse popsicles!

I have some videos I am going to edit to share with you.  We ended the night watching Jumanji outside at the end of the pool.  I wish I had gotten a photo of Mr. W all laid out in the chaise lounge chair waiting for the movie to start.  He then asked for animal crackers.  These kids are not spoiled in any way at all.  :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Take care,


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