Jun 1, 2015

Memorial Weekend

We will never forget you....

I realize I am a week late, however, I want to thank all of our service men and women and their families for the sacrifices you make for our freedom.  Thank you.

Warning!  There are a lot of cute photos ahead.

The weather forecast for Memorial Day had a high percentage of rain so we chose to celebrate on Saturday afternoon.  For decorations I used everything I had from the previous years.  I love it when all I have to do is pull decorations from the attic, (or my stash), to decorate for a party or event.

I love these place mats.  They are made of a blue jean material so they are very forgiving.  I was very happy when I pulled them out of the closet to see they were ironed and ready to be displayed.  (I'll have to remember to do that again!)

The America banner is from At Second Street.

The paper stars are from Amanda's Parties to Go.  

The weather was beautiful that morning though a little humid.  A couple of hours before the party started it rained cooling off the temperature of the water to 82 degrees.  The wind was blowing so it made it rather chilly.  Sounds crazy, right?  End of May and we are shivering in the pool.

The hubs grilled three racks of ribs, sausage, chicken and corn on the cob.  I made the potato salad, beans, green salad, etc.  I forgot to take photos of the food.  It was all so good.

We had watermelon slices, sugar cookies, rice krispies and supplies to make s'mores.  The popcorn holders were never used as the party ended after we made s'mores.  It was chilly and windy. 

The hubs made yummy pina coladas for us in these pretty glasses.  Yes, they made us colder but we didn't care!

Our serious little guy.

As you can see from the photo below, Mr. W has removed his trunks.  When he had them on in the pool he kept pulling up his pant legs and saying "ow".  There was never anything there so we decided to remove his trunks thinking that would solve the problem. Ha!  Little did we know he was freaking out over the leaves in the pool.  He would scream "leaf" like it was going to get him.  It was so funny.  We laughed so hard.  If you moved him even slightly near a leaf in the water he would do a Houdini move to get away from it.  We had quite the challenge to keep the leaves out of the pool with the wind blowing.

We made Sweet P's favorite....S'mores.  She loves them!

Mr. W is two years old and Sweet P is six.  He is going to pass her up before long.

She is on her second S'more by now.  I wonder what he was thinking as he watched her eat her S'more.....

We missed Justin not being there to celebrate with us.  He was working.  :(

Mr. W hanging out with Uncle Bradley.

Mr. Joe Cool with the sunglasses.  He is so funny!

The girls ended up staying the night with Maw Maw and Paw Paw.  I want to give a "shout out" to Nonnie for giving Sweet P a bath and combing out hers and Ms. A's hair while I cleaned the kitchen.  I had really wanted to watch a movie outside but that did not pan out with it being so chilly.

We colored and watched a couple of short movies.  Ms. A and I watched the Rockets game that we had recorded while Sweet P and Paw Paw watched TV together.  The next morning the hubs went out for donuts.  The girls were very happy, especially Sweet P.

Did you do anything special with your family for Memorial Day?

Take care,


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