Jun 3, 2015

Sweet P's Gymnastic Show-Off

Sweet P is third in line

We had a very busy day on Saturday.  We had Ms. A's flag football game at 10 a.m. and Sweet P's Gymnastic Show-Off at 12:45 p.m.  We went from sitting outside sweating in the hot sun to sitting in an air conditioned gym.  :)  I'll take the latter any day!!!

Sweet P did a great job on her floor routine.  You can tell she was a little nervous.  

We were starved by the time her event ended at 4:15 p.m.  We all went to Center Court Pizza for dinner and had pizza rolls, fried pickles, pizza and cheesecake.  The food was delicious.  Now do you believe how hungry we were?  Just a few of us had had time for lunch.  :)

Mother Nature blessed us with our last storm (so far!) while we were there.  Pearland got 2.5 inches of rain.

We had a very good time.

Take care,