Jul 10, 2015

Happy Friday My Friends!!!

Happy Friday!!!  I am sending out hugs to all of you.  I hope you spend your weekend doing the things that recharge your batteries.

I am SO EXCITED to say that we have no plans for the weekend!  Woo Hoo!  We have had something going on every weekend for the last three weekends.  This one belongs to us.

I plan on using this bad boy to make some fun drinks.

I am thinking of making this Fresh Pineapple Margarita from Crunchy Creamy Sweet.  Only I think I'll make mine with rum instead of the tequila.  Doesn't that look delicious?  Yumm!!!

Fresh Pineapple Margarita from Crunchy Creamy Sweet Fresh Pineapple Margarita

I have been craving Tex Mex food so we are either going to cook it ourselves or make a run to Gringo's Tex Mex.  Their food is delicious!!!  If you are ever in the area and are looking for some good Tex Mex I highly suggest going there....but be prepared to wait.  There is always a line of people waiting to get in.  But it is so worth it!

And it wouldn't be complete without a movie night.  Poolside, that is.  :)  I think this is one of my most favorite things to do on the weekend.

Do you have any special plans for the weekend?

Take care and have a great weekend!!!


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