Jul 8, 2015

Office Makeover for the Hub's Office


 With things coming to a close soon at work, I packed up my decor and brought it home.  We really didn't have any place to hang it at home so it was all in the catch all room game room.  I guess the hubs realized he had a perfect opportunity to decorate his office with my stuff.  Just kidding!  He said he will give it all back once I have a new office.  I told him he could keep everything except for the clock!

I had never been to his office so I had him take photos of his office so I could come up with a plan.  The first thing I told him was he really needed curtains to soften the hard edges of the window.  I also told him that if we did not address the window the decor on the walls would not stand out....as the window was a huge distraction.  I referenced it as the black hole.

He agreed once I told him I had four panels he could have.  You know the ones that had not been hung in the family room or around the French doors outside.

The cost of his office makeover was $25.00 for the two curtain rods he purchased at Ross.

I tried so hard to find a place in our home for this clock.  I absolutely love it!  This photo does not give you a true feeling of how big it is.  It is very big.

I was sitting in his chair admiring our work and I got a little emotional seeing my office decor on his walls.  It made the ending of my job so much more final.  He told me I can have it all back when I find my next job.  I laughed and said the only thing I definitely want back is the clock!

We are both really pleased with the way it turned out.

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