Aug 27, 2015

How to Make a Designer Candle

Hey there!  Hope things are going well for you today.

I have a really easy way to make your candles look like designer candles without paying the designer prices.  All you need is a pretty candle, ribbon you love, and an embellishment.  Naturally I chose the flour de lis!  I bet you are so surprised!

The first thing you do is place the ribbon in the center of the candle.

I used straight pins with plastic heads to hold the ribbon in place.  I was out of the black so I used what I had on hand.  I will replace the colored ones with the black.  I folded the edge of the ribbon over so it has a finished look.

Next I used my low temp glue gun and applied glue to the back of the fleur de lis and applied it to the ribbon.  I held it against the ribbon for a few minutes while it cooled off to make sure it did not fall off of the ribbon.

Voila!  I have a designer look for little money!!!  This would look great in your home and would also make nice Christmas gifts.  And you get to say you made it!!!

I have to tell you I have been playing with the decor on this coffee table for a month now.  Moving things from room to room trying to decide what I wanted there.  I am happy to say I finally figured it out!!!  Design is an ongoing process for me.  It is not something I do quickly just to say it is done!

Cost Breakdown

Candle holder (have had for years bought on sale for maybe $3.50)
Candle $5.39 (40% off at Hobby Lobby)
Fleur de Lis $4.50 for 2 (1/2 price Hobby Lobby)
Ribbon (leftover from Christmas decor)

Total Cost $11.14

Here's a photo of another candle I decorated that is in a sconce holder in the family room.  I made two of these.

Hope you enjoyed my little tip today.  Do you have any you want to share with me?  I'd love to hear them.

On another note, Pearland West lost last night to Pennsylvania.  They play Bonita, CA again this evening.  Go Pearland!!!  We are so proud of you!!!  Win or lose you are champions in our eyes!!!

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