Aug 28, 2015

Pearland West Wins Game in Extra Innings at Little League World Series Championship

Pearland West won their game against Bonita, CA in extra innings.  In the  bottom of the 8th inning Caleb Low hit a two run homer bringing the final score to 9-7.  Pearland will face Pennsylvania, who beat Pearland 3-0 this past Wednesday night, for the US Championship on Saturday.

For me, watching the game was so stressful.  I can't imagine being the parents and actually being at the game.  During the game I found myself getting up and walking around to try and distract myself just so I wasn't watching every single move.  Sounds crazy but it's true.  One more game to go!!!

We are so proud of the way these boys have represented Pearland.

Go Pearland West!!!

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