Aug 21, 2015

Touring Model Homes Part 2

Today I am continuing with our tour of the model homes.  This is the second model we stopped in to see.  The first thing the Hubs said was this house is decorated with a nautical theme.

I wasn't "wowed" with this dining room the way I was with the first.

In the family room I liked the way they gave the walls a more upscale look with the moulding.

Here's a close-up of the moulding.  They used a 1 x 4 to give it a raised look and finished it off with trim on the inside.  Very little cost for such a dramatic look.  You have to admit, the room would be pretty boring without it.

The kitchen was rather large with lots of counter space and storage.

Something so simple as a glass container filled with coffee beans looks really good sitting on the counter.  It smelled good, too.

I love the old look of the stained shutters as a headboard.  Very similar to something you would find on Pinterest.

I found it really odd the way they displayed the decor on the dresser.  It looks like they just placed it there with the intention to come back and rearrange it....maybe they just forgot!

Once again, they added the moulding to the main focal wall.  Years ago, like 25 or so, it was very popular to paint one wall a different color from the rest.  It appears to be making a strong comeback.

Okay....maybe they intended to leave the decor on the dresser like that....

Is it just me or did they really "skimp out" by not putting up a headboard?

I love the silver elephants they had on the bathroom vanity.

Now this bed does not have a headboard but it is not as noticeable with the wall paper being the focal point.  I like this for a teenage boy's room.

They had a game room upstairs...

and a Media room.

Now we are off to the third model home.

I really liked the large mirror in the foyer and the way they decorated the entry way.

The dining room was nice and bright.  However, I definitely would not want those three little windows in my plan.  They would get in the way of my decorating!

I thought this art work worked really well in this half bath.  I love the fact that it is so big in a room that is often considered so small.

Here's the family room.

For whatever reason I only took this one photo in the kitchen.  Sorry!

The decor from the family room carried over into the breakfast room.

The side tables were my favorites in the master bedroom.

Okay, does anyone know why they continued with the bench outside of the shower, again?  After all, this is a different builder.  Maybe I am out of touch with the new trends.  Who knows!

I really like the weathered look furniture they chose for this bedroom and the grand scale of the mirror.

I thought this room could pass for a teenager's room until I saw

this giraffe.  It looks a little juvenile to me.  Take note of the decor on the must be a new trend because they are very consistent.  I can honestly say this is a trend I will not be following!!!

This is a sweet girl's room with a bright and cheery color scheme.

I fell in love with the art work in the game room.  Isn't it adorable?

And this my friend, is where I dropped my favorite point and shoot camera.  Boo hoo!!!  It is out of commission....probably forever!  It was all my fault.  I had not put the cord back on after taking pics in the pool so it was not wrapped around my wrist.  I so regret it.  I am now looking at spending $300 to $450 to get a new one just like mine.   For now I am using my camera phone or the SLR.  I am so spoiled with the point and shoot....after all all you do is point and shoot!!!!

(So here are the last three photos with my iPhone 6.

I liked the art work in the media room.

The first thing the Hubs noticed was they did not take the tile all the way to the ceiling.  It would not have cost much more and would have looked finished.

I hope you enjoyed the tours of the model homes.  Which one was your favorite?  Mine was definitely the first.

Hope you have a great day today and a wonderful weekend.  The sun is shining now...I think we are done with the rain for today.

Take care,


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