Aug 20, 2015

Touring Model Homes

Last Saturday the Hubs and I went with our neighbors to see their new house they are having built.  Choosing a home to live in can be so stressful because you are considering so many factors such as location, size, upgrades, color schemes, and most important of all, budget.   It is always so exciting to share the home you have chosen with friends and family and we were thrilled they chose us to share it with them on this day.

After touring their home I told the hubs I wanted to see the model homes.  He interpreted that as drive by and see the outside.  Ha ha!  That's not going to work with me....I want to see the inside to see the latest home decor trends.

We toured three different homes with the first one being Beazer Homes.   This is the builder our neighbors chose (not their model) and it became quite evident to me why as we embarked our tour of model home.

The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous garage door (t]This photo does not do it justice.) 

I really liked the added metal decor on the front door.   Hmmm....this would be an easy add on to our front door.

The first room to the left was the dining room.

The ceiling was gorgeous!!!

The family room was soft and elegant.  If it were mine, I'd eliminate the niche.  Just saying!

Here's the view from the family room looking over towards the kitchen and the breakfast room.

The kitchen was very pretty.  At first sight it had me at "hello" until I realized that was way too much square footage in a kitchen for me!  I am sure you know by now that I am no Julia Child and have no intention of becoming a chef.  :)

I found the appliances to be way too far apart from one another.  I also found the area with the double ovens to be too closed in.  You can't tell by the photo but there was just enough room to open the doors of the ovens.  I could see that causing a traffic jam.  I also found the the refrigerator to be too close to the family room.

I love the lantern centerpiece.

The master bedroom was located off of the family room.  It had a beautiful coffered ceiling.

I would eliminate the window on the left side of the dresser to give more options for furniture placement.  The three windows on the back wall provide plenty of light so the only loss would be the view of the patio which would not be a loss in my book!

The master bathroom is the typical layout you see with the bathtub in the middle of the two vanities.  I would be okay with one large double vanity and having the bathtub off to the side as a focal point.

I like the color scheme of the bathroom.  It would be really easy to decorate and add personal touches.  However, there was one thing I definitely did not like and that was the bench that extended out from inside of the shower.  I was totally perplexed as to why would you make it this way.  Again, if it were mine, I'd have the bench completely enclosed and have the glass wall go straight down.  That  looks like a dust collector to me!

The closet was off of the master bath.  It was very long with lots of storage space.  I could make that work!!!

Here is a photo of one of the other bedrooms with.....

a bathroom near by.

I thought this was  a cute way to decorate a child's room with lots of color and little money.  Not to mention a great learning tool.

Hubby immediateley noticed the H was missing.  It had fallen off of the wall and was laying on the nightstand.

Here is another example of decorating a bedroom on a budget.  All you need is a little paint!

Here is the main bath off of the hallway.  It was extremely narrow for such a large house.

I liked the way they had the grill and the fridge built in.  I keep telling the hubs we need to do something with ours.  :)

This post has turned out to be really long so I am going to break it up and continue on tomorrow with the other two models.

Hope you are having a great week and getting much needed rain.  We were blessed with 4.64 inches yesterday and I'm not sure how much we've gotten today.

Take care,



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