Sep 23, 2015

Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived at our home.  Most all of our decorations for Fall are outside.  The reason being is I will be decorating the inside for Christmas I am so excited!!! in a couple of weeks.  We have a few yard signs and pumpkins that I will put out as it gets closer to Halloween.

I have had this wreath for at least five years.  Every year I add a little something to it to change it up.


I love this sign.  I probably bought it at Hobby Lobby several years ago.  I've had it for a while.

The view looking out of my office window was a blank brick wall and it was driving me crazy.  I just knew it needed something to "dress it up".  I came across this metal decor (on sale) at Hobby Lobby for $29.99.   I really wanted something a little "beefier" but this will do for now.  I think it looks really good.  I enjoy looking at it.  :)  Of course the hubs thought I was crazy, but as usual, he likes it now.  He is probably tired of hearing me talk about it.


I also picked up this metal flower at Hobby Lobby.  I like the way it gives more of a 3-D look to this area along with the burst of color.

I planted some flowers in the pots around the pool and also added them to this basket. 

Nothing new here....just the usual decor....though it does look like fall.

I changed the candles on this candle holder.  They smell like pumpkin.  

We added a new plant along side the fireplace.

I love having our table decorated for Fall even though it is only temporary.  It makes me smile every time I walk by.  Even when I have to dust it.  :)

Hope you are having a great week!

Take care,



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