Sep 10, 2015

Morning Swims

One of my most favorite pleasures of being laid off has been my early morning swims.
The quiet and tranquility of the morning is beautiful.  I've tried to capture it in photos so I can share it with you. 

In this photo you can see the moon.

Before being laid off, most of my swimming was done in the evening after work.  I have truly enjoyed watching the sun come up and over the backyard. 

 I enjoy having a cup of coffee poolside watching the birds wake up.  They are so quiet early in the morning.

We do not have any trees in our backyard.  Our neighbor's large tree (on the left) provides shade for us starting around 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon.  It slowly takes over the entire length of the pool.  It's really nice not to be exposed to the hot sun.

This photo captures the sunlight coming through the crepe myrtle.

The large tree is a pecan tree (our neighbor on the right) and it provides shade in the mornings until noon.  We are so blessed to be covered in shade for all but about 3 1/2 hours a day. 

Here's a shot from the other end of the pool.

This my friend, is why I have been MIA with my posts.  After I swim I usually start dead heading my flowers, pulling weeds, or coming up with a list of things I need to do.  Before I know it, it is afternoon and I am picking up the pace to get things done.  You know the necessary things like grocery shopping, running errands, job interviews, laundry and cleaning house.  Oh, and making dinner for the hubs.  It takes a while to make tuna fish sandwiches!!!  Haha!  Just kidding!!!  Or not.  We do have tuna fish at least once a week....sometimes two.  We love the taste and it is so filling.  We don't find ourselves reaching for snacks on the evenings we have tuna fish.  In fact, it's on the menu for this evening.

I hope you are enjoying your day.  Please take the time to slow down and take in the beauty that God has graced us with....even if its in the rain.

Take care and see you soon!!!



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