Oct 30, 2015

A Fun Day with Ms. A

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying Ms. A to her horse riding lesson.  I loved spending time with her, just the two of us.  I picked her up at 12:15 p.m. and we were off to her instructor's home.

The horses were beautiful.

My main intention  in going with her was to see her ride.  The funny thing is she didn't ride this day. They learned how to clean the horse trough the right way.  Yes, it was gross.  Can you see them looking at the trough like what?

One of the last things Ms. A's mom told her was not to walk in the water.  :)  Okay, she didn't actually walk in it....she stood in it.  I took a pic of her with my phone and sent it to her mom laughing.

The students were taught how to remove the water from the trough.  They had to retrieve the fish from inside of the trough so they could scrub it down.  We were going to the mall afterwards.  Yeah, right.   Not without going by her house for a change of clothes and a change of shoes.  :)

Here she is waiting for her turn to feed the horses.

She is at that silly stage.  Everything is silly.

 I can't believe this child is 9 1/2 years old.  She is almost as tall as I am.  She will pass me up soon.  In fact, she will pass up her mom, me and Brooke.  She gets her height from her dad.

Ms. A's horse was the slowest eating horse.  It finished way after the others did.

Two little girls were sitting on the fence with their boots hanging down.  I just love the pink dirty boots.

After her lesson we went to her house for her to change.  Sweet P was home from her gymnastic lessons so she changed and tagged along with us to the mall.  Ms. A wanted a Cinnabon so I got her own big cinnamon roll.  Sweet P told me she wouldn't eat much so we could share one.  Yeah right.  I could not cut the roll fast enough for her to eat.  She ate at least two thirds of it before she was done.  She is such a hoot.  She stands up....pulls her shirt over her little belly and proclaims my belly is full and looks like a pumpkin!  Ms. A and I were laughing so hard.  She is hilarious.

From there we went to Hobby Lobby for Ms. A's art lesson.  Sweet P and I walked the store while we waited for her.  We had a very good day.  Lots of laughs.  I can't believe how fast they are growing up.

I hope you have a great day today and a wonderful weekend with some really awesome weather.  We are in for a lot of rain again this weekend.  :)  I feel bad for the trick or treaters.

Take care,



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