Oct 23, 2015

Geaux Tigers (Weekend Recap)

This past weekend the hubs, myself, and Brooke and Brad went to Baton Rouge, LA to see the LSU Tigers play the Florida Gators.  We had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was gorgeous.  We could not have asked for better weather.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Port Allen, LA.  Port Allen is just over the bridge from the LSU football stadium.  Finding tickets and hotel rooms for an LSU game is quite the feat.  Especially for a sell out rival game like this one.  We were lucky we had bought our tickets in September as the game was sold out.

Our room was rather spacious for just the two of us.  We were on the go the entire time we were there except to crash sleep.  

On Friday night we ate at Parrain's Seafood Restaurant in Baton Rouge.  The food is delicious!  I did a post on it here.

 On our way to the LSU Tiger Stadium.

You would not believe how many photos I tried taking of the stadium (from the bridge) as we were waiting in traffic.  Every time we stopped (except for this one) the bridge beams were in my way.

The hub's best friends set up for tailgating on Friday in order to have a place for Saturday.  They were back up there at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.  They cooked gumbo, shrimp etoufee, steaks and baked potatoes, sausage, etc.  There was a lot of food.  As usual, the food was delicious.  I want to give a shout out to Warren, Kurt, Trent and John.  Great job!!!  Much appreciated.

I want to give a "shout out" to Kurt Cassell for snagging us the best parking space ever!!!  We were steps from the tailgating party.  So sweet!!!

One of the stations came by and was interviewing one of hub's friends.  I don't know the details of  the interview but it is my understanding it was on TV this last night.

Mike the Tiger had his back to the crowd.  I guess it gets old having so many people come to see you.

We went to the Barnes and Noble LSU store to get souvenirs.  It's a tradition.  Billy Canon was there. He was the Heisman Trophy Winner in 1959.  He was signing autographs in the books and pretty much whatever else you had for him.  The hubs stayed in  line for at least an hour, maybe longer.  Mr. Canon was a delight to meet.  He made sure he spoke with every person that waited to see him.  Such a friendly man.

After the long wait of two hours, we walked outside to this.  The street was blocked off for the "walk of fame".  This is when the football players walk to the stadium.  We were stuck so we waited for the players.  The hub's said it was like waiting for a parade at Disney World.  I told him there was no comparison.  Ha ha!!!

On our way back to the tailgating area we passed the LSU cheerleaders.  When we got back to the party, everyone poked fun at the hubs saying are you having a UPS truck deliver your purchases to your home?  They assumed we were shopping the entire time.  I'll admit there have been times we have been guilty of shopping 'til we dropped but this wasn't one of them.  :)

We had a great time at the game.

The band performed their pre game performance.

Here are a few photos of the sunset.  It was beautiful!

Halftime performance.

How cute is this?

In spite of the bad ref calls, the bad punts, etc. LSU managed to pull out a win 35-28.

Unbeknownst to us, Tom Cruise was at the game, too.  He is reportedly filming a movie in New Orleans and decided to go to the game.   This was his first time at a college football game.

We had perfect football weather.  Low humidity and the lowest temperature while at the game was 62 degrees.  Perfect!!!

We saw this car magnet on the way home.  I want to find one for our car.  :)

A beautiful view of the yellow flowers under the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

We had a great weekend.  I will be doing a post on our tour of the Nottoway Mansion Tour soon.

I hope you have a great day today and a wonderful weekend.  I hope your forecast has better weather than ours.  We are expecting a deluge of rain.  I can't complain....we need the rain.

Take care,



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