Nov 29, 2015

Our Thanksgiving Day Looked Something Like This

Here are a few photos of what our Thanksgiving looked like after dinner.  Tonight was the first night the grandkids used their Santa plates from Pottery Barn for Kids.  I chose the "Naughty or Nice", "Jingle All the Way" and "Oh What Fun".  They are really cute.

It is a tradition for us to give the grandkids a Lego Advent Calendar on Thanksgiving Day.  This provides a fun activity for them each day as they count down the days to Christmas.  I buy them as soon as they come out because they sell out really fast.

Ms. A gets Star Wars, Sweet P gets Friends, and Mr. W gets a Duplo set (I could not find his online) until he gets a little older.

Each of their gifts are wrapped in their own wrapping paper.  Ms. A's gifts are wrapped in Star Wars, Sweet P's are wrapped in red and white polka dots and Mr. W's are wrapped in Avengers.  I bought the character paper at Wal-Mart and the polka dot paper at Hobby Lobby.  I find this makes it so much easier to pass out the gifts on Christmas Eve.  They like scoping out the gifts under the trees to see which ones are theirs.  Believe it or not, they don't touch them.

Look at him put his hand up when I went to take his picture.  He is so funny!

They are always so excited to get new Legos.

I love the way he is holding on to his gift while scoping out his sister's.  So cute!

I like to give them their new Christmas ornaments early so they can display them on their Christmas trees in their rooms.  Ms. A loves the Houston Texans.  Especially one Texan in particular, JJ Watt.

Now Mr. W is checking out Sweet P's Lego set.

Instead of ornaments, we gave Sweet P the Frozen stocking she asked for over and over for at Hobby Lobby.  I embellished it with rhinestones for her.  As you can see, she was thrilled to get her stocking.  I intended to have her name embroidered on it but the monogram store (that has been opened for a long time) closed down.  :(

Mr. W is happy to receive an Olaf ornament from the Disney Store.  I bought his ornaments last January during the first of the year sale.  The prices are crazy good.

Another Houston Texans ornament for her tree.

Looks like we picked the right ones for Mr. W.  Here he is with Jake the Pirate (they don't have it any more) from the Disney Store.

I found this adorable Christmas outfit for Sweet P at the Nutcracker Market.  She loves pink, lace and ruffles.  Doesn't she look adorable?

We already gave Mr. W his Christmas outfit for Christmas and Nonnie and Brad gave Ms. A hers so everyone is covered!!!

I started the tradition of buying Grinch pjs when Ms. A was little.  I do not get their names embroidered on them so they can pass them down.  It just so happens they all outgrew their pjs this year at the same time.  Even on sale, they are not cheap but they are so well made with lots of details and the fabric is very soft.  They will last for years and can be passed down to Brooke and Brad's kids.

I love this shot of all three of them opening their pjs.  I really like giving them some of their gifts early so it is not too much all at once and they get to enjoy them while waiting for Christmas to arrive.

Mr. W did not want anyone to take his pjs from him so he ran off.  You can find his and Sweet P's here.

It's good to see he is excited to receive clothes this year because that is almost all we got him this Christmas.  Last year he wasn't too excited.  He would put the clothes back into the box and move on.  It was so funny.

Ms. A's new size comes in red.  I love the vibrant colors.  You can find them here.

Sweet P's match little brother's.

Uncle Brad provided lots of entertainment with Mr. W and Sweet P.  They wore him out.

Here's Sweet P being silly.  She was chasing the Santa that is under the chair.

This photo truly shows his personality.  I believe he was dancing here.  He is so much fun and is so cute!!!  And can you believe I do not have to worry about him getting into my Christmas decor?  The only thing he plays with is the Mickey and Minnie snow globe in my office.  Other than that he will ask for help to see.

We had a wonderful evening filled with lots of good food, laughs and live entertainment.  It was priceless.

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