Dec 23, 2015

A Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Made Easy

Our neighbors to the right of us (facing our home) recently moved into their new home they had built.  We are very excited for them yet sad to see them go.  I wanted to give them a Christmas wreath to decorate their new home.

Here is a list of the materials I used:

3 rolls of Deco Mesh in red, green and gold
2 rolls of coordinating ribbon
Christmas bulb ornaments (9)
24 inch wreath

The first thing I did was cut my Deco Mesh in 12 inch width strips.  I started with nine strips of each color.  (I can't remember if I had to cut any extra, sorry!).  Starting on the outside of the wreath, I took one strip of Deco Mesh and gathered it a third from the top and twisted it into the outer part of the wreath.   I then took the other end, a third from the end, and twisted it into a branch of the wreath.  This caused it to bubble up in the middle and the ends to stand out.  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I will answer it.

I continued on around the wreath, alternating colors until I finished the outer ring.  I then started the same process on the inside and then once more on the top.

I cut the coordinating ribbon in 10 to 12 inch lengths and alternated them throughout the wreath, twisting them into the same branches I had already used.  Next I added the glittered bulb ornaments.   I took three ornaments and ran a floral wire through the holes and twisted them tightly together.  I then wrapped the floral wire to the base of the wreath so the bulbs would hold on tightly.   I love the way it turned out, and so are Pete and Cathy.  I had to hold myself back from redoing a few of my current wreaths as I did not have the time to spare.  :)  Seriously!  I had a cake to bake and decorate.  More on that later!

In the past I have made wreaths with deco mesh working off of the spool which takes a lot of Deco Mesh.  Making the wreath this way, I can get about three wreaths off of three rolls of different colors. Much more cost effective.

Do you like to work with Deco Mesh to make your wreaths?  If so, I'd love to hear the tricks you've learned.

Happy Holidays!!!!




  1. I have never worked with mesh ribbon before. I decorate wreaths with anything I can hot glue - (laughing). Your wreath is beautiful and I like how you incorporated both solid and print ribbons together. What a generous gift you gave them. A true remembrance for years to come of how sweet a neighbor you are.

    1. Hi Michelle. You really should try working with deco mesh. It is way easier than it looks. All I did was cut strips of deco mesh and twist them into the wreath. That's all there is to it. I used the glue gun to add the light bulbs. I know you can do it. Thanks for stopping by!