Dec 22, 2015

All is Calm All is Bright and the Run Away Sheep

Hello there my friends!  Wow!  I have fallen way behind in my posts.  As you well know, there are only three more days 'til Christmas!!!!  I am so excited!!!  I'll be even more excited once I get rid of this cold.  Both the hubs and I caught a nasty cold and are working hard to get rid of it.  Hope you are staying free of those germs!

I've got a lot of catching up to do so we are going to go back in time for a bit!  Ready?  I've made you an ice cream Sundae with all the trimmings.  Yumm!!!

A week and a half ago the littles stayed over on a Friday night.  This was their second night of the week to sleep over.  We brought them to their favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse.  Mr. W was so excited when they delivered the rolls to the table.  You would have thought he had won the lottery!

The girls were just as excited as he was to be there.

After we finished dinner, we went riding looking at Christmas lights in Green Tee Terrace in Pearland.  They are well known for their beautiful light displays.  We saw a couple of Star Wars...

Elves....Mrs. Claus driving a golf cart....

Santa's sled being pulled by a tractor...and then we stopped by Sonic for some ice cream to eat while we continued looking at lights...

Santa delivering presents under the tree....


Beautiful white reindeer....

Santa reading Rudolph a story....

Beautiful lights....

101 Dalmatians....(Ms. A counted 93 so we are pretty sure there were actually 101!).

Santa playing golf...

Trees dripping in lights (the photos do not do it justice)...

I love the Nutcracker.....

And of course....a shot of our own as we arrived home.  We were in bed really early as we had a very busy day the next day!

We gave Ms. A her birthday gift early so she can get some wear out of the Miss Me jeans and shirts.  She is growing so fast I'd hate for her to miss out wearing them.

She was very happy with her clothes.

Mr. W is fascinated with watching the big trucks pick up the trash.  Remember those days?  Sweet P decided to join him.

Our next stop was St. Andrew's Mosaic Campus.  St. Andrews and Builders Without Borders of Texas joined together to divide up 7,000 pounds of beans and rice to be shipped over to Mexico.  We all took on different tasks.  I chose to rip the bags apart that were used to put the beans and rice into.  Sweet P measured out the rice while her sister, mom and brother measured out the beans.  

There were stations that sealed the bags and labeled the bags.  The process went so well we finished earlier than expected.

That night the hubs and I went to his work Christmas party.  We had a great time with lots of good food.  I did not take one single photo as I was too busy having fun.

Sunday afternoon St. Andrews held "The Spirit of Christmas" Readings and Nativity.  I think they did a great job with the backdrop, don't you?

Here are the girls practicing their lines before it started.

Sweet P is patiently waiting her turn.

This cute little sheep is Mr. W.  He wanted a speaking role like his sisters.

As you can see he was not happy to hear he didn't get a turn.  :)  Lucky for us this played out before it all started.

How cute are they?

Here's is Ms. A...

and Sweet P.  I think they did a really good job.

Well here is when Mr. W decided he was going to get his turn to speak....

I could not resist sharing our little star with you.  It looks like she missed her afternoon nap.  :)  Poor baby.

The children did a great job.

On our way home God blessed us with a double rainbow.  If you look really close, you can see a short one to the right of the large rainbow.  It was beautiful in person.  The colors were so brilliant.

Here's a photo of the rainbow touching down on the opposite side.

It was a beautiful way to end a full and blessed weekend.

I hope you are slowing down and capturing the moments as they are happening.  As we both know, before we know it Christmas will have come and gone.  

Take care my sweet friend and God Bless,



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