Dec 1, 2015

Happy Holidays Open House Day 5

Wow!!!  Can you believe today is December 1st?  I am SO EXCITED for the holidays!!!
I have a couple of presents left to wrap for both birthday and Christmas and I am expecting one more gift in the mail.  As they say in French, J'ai fine (zhay fee nee) I'm finished.

We have six birthdays between this Friday and February 20th.  That's right...six birthdays.

December 4th - Brad
December 24th - Brooke
January 1st - Ms. A
January 28th - mine
February 2nd - Sweet P
February 20th - Mr. W

So it gets a little crazy trying to keep everything straight along with Christmas but we manage.  Starting early really helps.  There will be a lot of unwrapping of gifts going on around here.

I've chosen Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath the Christmas Tree" for your listening today.  It's a fun upbeat holiday song.  Who knows, you may find yourself dancing around.  I know I can't sit still while listening to it.

I've made some mimosas for us today along with a plate of fruit and cheese in case we get hungry.  Come on, let's go to the master bathroom.

The main accent color in here is red.

I love this Patience Brewster tree with the little bitty ornaments.  It adds just the right touch without being bulky and getting in the way.

I found the Noel canister at Big Lots.  It really is for storing matches but we use ours for decorating purposes.

I added an ornament from Hobby Lobby to add a little glitz and glamour.

I purchased this beautiful angel at Cracker Barrel 10+ years ago.  She is well made and has really here her shape.  I love shopping for Christmas decor at Cracker Barrel.  You can find so many pretty things.

The angel on the shelf used to hold honor on the mantle before the others crashed with the picture in the family room.  I think she looks pretty in her new home.

I could not resist adding these ornaments to the tie back and the large glass container of epson salt.  I love taking hot baths with two to three cups of epson salt dissolved in it.  Helps with the aching muscles.  :)

I bought these beautiful flowers at a Home Show.  They are a rust color with a touch of red.  Just enough so it all blends well together.

A poinsettia and a ribbon add just a sparkle on the three tiered stand on the side of the garden tub.

This is a peculiar, but at the same time, pretty Santa.  He is big enough to stand on his own.

I added another floral to the magazine rack, similar to the ones over the tub.

My mother-in-law, and everyone else in our family, made this hand Christmas tree in December of 2013.  Mr. W was almost one at the time so his feet and hands were really little.  It's a fun and easy project to make.  The adults make their hand prints for the lower branches with the smallest children making the top branches.  It comes together really fast.

I love this fluffy Santa.  I have had him for so long I don't remember where he came from.  I love hanging decor on the door handles.

I hope you enjoyed the tour today.
How are things coming along with you?  Have you started decorating  and wrapping gifts yet?  You still have plenty of time to get it done with time to rest if you get started now.  Really, it's not that bad.

Hope you have a wonderful December 1st day.  Only 24 more days 'til Christmas!!!




  1. Your bathroom is so pretty all decorated for the holidays. That tree with the whimsical ornaments is adorable!

    1. Hello Susan! Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate your kind words. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  2. I love Patience Brewster! Adorable tree for the bathroom! I can tell you go all out for decorating!

    1. Hi Jenna! Thank you for stopping by. I love that Patience Brewster is so whimsical. I love her creativity. Happy holidays to you and your family. Be sure and stop by tomorrow to see our Grinch room. I think you'll love it! Take care!

  3. Love the festive touches in the bathroom! Too cute! :)

    1. Thank you. Can you tell that I LOVE Christmas? Thanks for stopping by!