Dec 28, 2015

Our Visit to Santa's Wonderland

One of the fun things we did before Christmas was we all went to Santa's Wonderland in College Station (except for Brooke and Brad as they were in Wisconsin watching the Dallas Cowboys play Green Bay).  This was our second trip there.  The first time we went was eight years ago and it was ridiculously cold.   It was one of those random times the temperature had dropped for the one day into the 30's.  It was freezing!!!  We had coats and mittens but it was still too cold.  At the time, Miss A was almost two years old and was not able to ride the hayride as it was way too cold.

This year we bought our tickets early so all we had to do when we got there was exchange them for the wrist bands.  I paid extra for parking and we were literally right outside of Santa's Town.  We were prepared.  We had blankets in the car just in case we needed them for the hayride.


Warning!!!  There are a lot of photos.  I must say, the photos do not do the lights justice.  Everything is so much prettier in person.

There were beautiful displays in the windows outside of the restrooms.

Sweet P and I were taking photos while waiting for everyone.  She slipped on her sister's Harry Potter scarf while we were waiting.  Looks like we might need to add one for her list to Santa next year.  :)

The decorations were beautiful.

Once inside Santa Town, Mr. W found the first of many huge Nutcrackers.  He loves Nutcrackers.

We stopped for a quick photo before we got started having fun.  Before we know it, Miss A will be as tall as myself, her mom and Nonnie!!!

They had a huge bonfire in the middle for you to warm up if you were cold or you could just sit around and listen to the music.

This man (I never got his name) was singing and playing the guitar.  He was really, really good.  Everyone could not get over how he knew all of the current hits.

The first thing we did was ride the hayride just in case the line got really long.  Doesn't she look so cool in her scarf?  We bought it for her last Christmas while we were at Universal Studios.

This is where the hayride begins.

Mr. W kept repeating "I love it" as we drove through the lights.

There were lots of snowmen,

a Gingerbread House,

everything Texas,

the elves loading up Santa's plane,

a Reindeer Flight School,

a gator catching a fish,

Paw Paw and his sweet girl.

and a beautiful nativity scene.

There was a reenactment of Christ's resurrection from the dead.

 A tribute to the men and women that serve and protect our country.  This display is so beautiful.

Since it wasn't really crowded, we were able to ride the hayride again later in the night.

We rode a couple of trains.

There were quite a few places to choose from for dinner.

Surprisingly we all chose Bandera BBQ.

We were lucky enough to snag a table inside of the "mess hall".  It was a little warmer in there.

They had bubbles for pretend snow.

I couldn't resist getting a photo of the candy tree.  We bought Santa cookies, Oreo and Cookies fudge, Kettle corn and cinnamon sugar pecans.  There was plenty to go around.

 Sweet P rode the pony.

The hubs bought me this beautiful Mickey Mouse sculpture by Jim Shore.  I love the details.  I had never seen this one before.  There were so many beautiful things in the Santa Town Store.

I snapped a photo while we were waiting for everyone to make a restroom run before we left.  By this time Mr. W was pretty tired.  Tiffani put him in his pjs and he snored all the way home.

On our drive home, Tiffani and Justin were in the front seats and they saw at least six shooting stars (if not more!).  I was on the middle row, in the middle seat, so I didn't see any.  

We  had a wonderful time.  Here's our video from Santa's Wonderland.

Did you do anything fun over the holidays?  I'd love to  hear about it.




  1. OMG these are Fantastic!! I'm SO jealous! I've always wanted to go there and hope to one day in the future. I'm a sucker for Christmas lights and want to see them every chance I get! Thanks for sharing your photos and video - the kids looked like they had a blast! :)

    1. I believe Groupon still has discount tickets available now. It is so worth the drive. We all had a great time! Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!

    2. Trac - I just uploaded the video I made. The one you saw was actually from Santa's Wonderland. Mine is much more detailed of the lights. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. This place looks amazing!! Its crazy how many lights there are! That light tunnel would be so cool! Looks like the kids had a great time! Can't help but wonder what their hydro bill is haha

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year!!!