Jan 18, 2016

Some Things Just Don't Turn Out the Way You Plan

Hello and happy Monday to you!  I hope the weekend was kind to you and you were able to find some time for yourself.

It's funny how sometimes you make plans and they don't turn out the way you expected.  I thought we were going to work on putting the hardware on my cabinets in my office (ha!).  Needless to say we never got to it.  The hubs had other ideas.

I have been watching the ads on laptops, looking for the best deal since this past November.  I have an iMac that I dearly love for blogging, editing photos and such.  The down side is not having the Office Suite with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  It makes applying for a job so much more challenging (i.e. making changes to your resume and it renames it and is not as user friendly as Word).  I'm not complaining, just explaining.

I came across a great deal at Best Buy on the Bargainist for a limited time.  It is an Asus laptop computer with a 15.6 in. display, 5th generation Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB memory and 1 TB hard drive for $279.99.  I shared the link with the hubs to see what he thought as I wanted his opinion.  He responded by saying we were going to Best Buy.  How lucky am I?  I am so appreciative and excited.  They had three on the shelf when we got there and only one when we left.  Apparently we weren't the only ones that thought it was a great deal.

After that we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  I had the grilled salmon and he had the steak.  OMG!  I love their green beans.  They are so good!

From there we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy a gift card for a close friend's wedding gift.  I found two outdoor canvases on sale for $6.69  each (forgot to take photos).  They will go perfectly on the shed near the pool pump.  Score!  So while I was buy trying to make a decision on which gift card to buy the hubs was looking at the art work.  He saw the painted canvas and thought it went really well with the Winter theme I was going with in the family room.  Kudos to him because I would have never seen it.  I was too distracted.  He asked me what I thought about it and I said it's perfect!  So we ran home and got our 20% off purchase coupon.  :)  I always have a stash.  It does not matter if they are expired.  They still take them.

I figured the canvas would look way nicer than my wooden sign.  :)  It's pretty pitiful!  I followed instructions off of Pinterest in printing the words on my computer.  The font didn't get big enough so I tried free handing.  Wonk wonk!  That was a total bust.  So then Nelly offered to print me a vinyl pattern to use.  That meant I would have to repaint it, apply the vinyl and paint it again.  I guess the hubs thought this was a sure bet!  Once we decided on the canvas he told me to call Nelly and tell her she didn't have to make the vinyl.  :)

It is so pitiful!

I have to admit my sign would not look near as good as this canvas.  It is beautiful!!!  They used metallic paints and some sort of clear coating to give it more of a shine.  So pretty!

We got home and oohed and awed over it.  I have to admit if we were not going with a Winter theme I would have never bought it.  We are so glad we gave it a try because we both love it....like really love it.  We are thinking we can leave it up through March (we may be pushing it!)  I am not sure how I am going to decorate the mantel.  I placed those items there for the time being.

After that we watched the movie The Martian with Matt Damon.  It started out a little slow but turned out to be really good.  He was awesome!

I added a red bowl of frosted pine cones to the buffet in the foyer.  I am thinking about making a coffee filter wreath...not sure if I will or not.  I borrowed the bunny lamp until I find a lamp I like.  I am looking for a narrow lamp shade with the lamp being about 24 inches tall. 

Do you ever have plans that don't pan out the way you expected....maybe better?  That is always a nice surprise, isn't it?

 I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  The weather here was dreary and rainy on Saturday and gorgeous on Sunday.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!




  1. Yes, many time I have things not go as planned. The canvas screen is really pretty....I think you can pull it off till early march. Love your dresser/chest ,so pretty. Thanks for stopping by1

    1. Hello Cathy! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comments. They are greatly appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful week!