Feb 24, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had a nice weekend.  On Saturday our main goal was to trim the Crepe Myrtles in the backyard.  The hubs was able to get them all trimmed and the front yard work done all in time for Mr. W's birthday party.  The hubs bundled the branches on Sunday afternoon for trash pick up today.  Score!!!  One thing off of our list of things to do.

I trimmed and cut back the potted plants.  My least favorite ones to do are the ferns but it makes such a huge difference.  You don't have all the scraggly dead growth mixed in with the new growth and it is so much healthier looking.  See?  Did I mention how messy it is?  :(

Check this out....Pansies were growing in the pathway.  Say what?   I have been planting Pansies for years and have never seen this before.  Like NEVER!!!  I am so glad I am the one that was doing the weeding because the hubs would have pulled them up.  Not me!  I carefully moved the rocks away and dug each one up.  It was crazy to see the roots all entangled in the rocks.  Again, this is a first for me.  I didn't know seeds could fly off of Pansies???  Does anyone know anything about this?

All in all, I pulled up about 15 little plants.

I carefully replanted them in the bed.

I trimmed the rose bushes (or should I say I trimmed around the blooms!).

You can barely see the little ones I planted here.  I am hoping with all the rain we've gotten this week they are getting stronger and will survive.

It was very overcast so the photos are a little dark.

The bees have gotten off to a good start with the lime tree.  I'll have to stay on top of keeping away those pesky pests that love to eat the leaves.

The hubs went to get a water out of the outside fridge and discovered the motor had gone out.  We had to remove all of the beer, juices, and water and put them in the fridge inside.  You don't realize how much it holds until you have to unload it.  :)  We'll have to replace it soon because this is a very important part of our outdoor fun.  Even the not so fun yard work.

After all of our hard work we went to Mr. W's birthday party.  He is at such a fun age.  He was so excited it was his party.

The first thing we did was open presents.

Poor baby.  He thought we got him more pjs.  :)

He seemed to approve of his new clothes.

His Paw Paw bought him two sets of flashlights.  He was very happy with them though you can't tell by this photo.

He was very happy to find Duplo legos from Nonnie and Uncle Brad.

Bonnie and Uncle Brad also got him a leather jacket.

How cute is this?  He'll look good when he's riding the dirt bikes.  :)

So far all his requests had come true...down to the Cars cake.

He was so excited to blow out his candles and eat cake.

He loved the cake.  He kept asking for more.

Sweet P was so nice and built his blocks for him.

We had Raising Cane's for dinner (his choice).  We played the Game of Life on Amazon afterwards.  It was a lot of fun.  Our little man had a really good birthday.

The next morning his mom woke him up to get ready for church.  He told her after he had his birthday cake and party.  Too cute!  He wanted to have a do over!!!

I hope you are having a good week and did not experience any of the bad weather that blew through yesterday and is making its way up the coast.  Stay aware and be safe!!!





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