Mar 22, 2016

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near

I just recently read this on Facebook.  Cardinals appear when angels are near.  Have you ever heard this before?

Every year we have a Cardinal that flies into our backyard.  It typically flies from the crepe myrtles to the fence and then is on its way.

Last week the beautiful Cardinal appeared.  I ran and grabbed my camera thinking I only had a second to snap a photo.  Boy was I wrong.

It slowly began to make its way around the pool...all while taking time to look into the water.

I couldn't help but think of my dad...maybe he was stopping by to say hello.  It will be four years this July he has been gone.  I miss him terribly.

Doesn't it look like it's looking directly at me?  I was in the family room looking out the backdoor.

Here it is looking into the water again.

It slowly made its way around the tanning deck.

In this one it looks like its about to go overboard.

Taking another look into the pool.

Yet another look.

Looks like its taunting me...are you getting my photo?

At this time it flew over to the chaise lounge chairs in front of the shed on the other end of the pool.

Can you see it checking out the area?

Here it is turned back to the pool...checking things out.

Looking at me again?

It was such a treat to have this beautiful Cardinal visit our backyard.

Now for the last stop of the day.

I am so glad I captured our little guest with my camera.  This was by far, the longest visit we have ever had a Cardinal stay.  I feel like it was my dad...looking things over as he always his approval.

Love you dad!

Hope you have a wonderful week!




  1. Gave me goosebumps thinking about it being your dad come to pay you a visit! I had never heard that saying before. Easter Blessinngs to you and your family. Patty

    1. Funny thing is I had just read that about Cardinals on Facebook so it kind of freaked me out when it kept lingering. I finally relaxed and was amazed how long it stayed and was not bothered by me at the doorway. I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii!!! Love ya!!!