Mar 16, 2016

Disney Floral & Gifts

I am feeling very nostalgic while working on our Disney photo book from our anniversary celebration in December of 2013.  I wish I was sharing with you that we are going to Disney World but that's not happening....unless someone is keeping a secret from me.  Ha!!!

I ordered a Mickey Mouse stocking, filled with lots of goodies for the hubs, from Disney Floral & Gifts.  I requested that it be delivered while we were out on our carriage ride through the grounds of Fort Wilderness.  (I'll share that with you soon!).

The card reads like this:

A Gift For You

Today you have been given two gifts.
One gift is the treasure
you hold in your hands.
The other is the gift of thoughtfulness.
Both were meant for you.

Someone remembered you today
and planned a special moment
with you in mind.

I hand chose everything in the stocking.  I made sure I picked out his favorite treats (and a few of mine).

My favorite of all is the Disney Wishing Coin.

The card reads like this:

This Christmastime,
When the lights twinkle down Main Street, USA.
And the fireworks shower the castle,
May your hopes be rekindled,
And your dreams reimagined
As you wish on your coin in this magical place.

Needless to say the hubs loved his stocking.  He bought me the matching Minnie and had my name embroidered in the same font (after he searched relentlessly to find a shop to do the same font).  

So the next time you go to Disney World (or Disneyland) and you want to surprise your sweetie with a gift, go to Disney Floral & Gifts to find something special.

It is so worth the look on their faces when they see their surprise in the room....just for them.  No matter the age.

Hoping you have a great day today!



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