Mar 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Here I am with my SIL Debbie.
My nephew, Kameron Esthay #18, was in town with the Baylor Bears this past weekend.  They had a game on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  The weather was really chilly and very windy on Friday night.  We had so much fun we brought the girls to the game on Saturday night.  They could not wait to see their cousin, #18.  Go Kam!

We are so proud of Kam and all of the hard work he has put into playing ball.  He's a really good player.  Here he is running over to say hello before the game.

Here's a photo of Ms. A and my brother.  She loved standing by him so they could talk about the game.  She loves watching Kam play ball.

Kam was sidelined with a mild high ankle sprain.

Here's my brother, Sweet P and Ms. A standing and watching the game.

They put Kam in to bat but unfortunately it was a fly ball and was caught in the outfield.  His batting average is .375.  We were hoping for one of his home runs.

It was a lot of fun watching him play.

Ms. A really wanted to go to the game on Sunday so who were we to tell her no.  Ha!  Like that would happen!  So the hubs and I brought her to the game.  Sweet P had a Girl Scouts outing so she wasn't able to go.  She was not too happy about that.

The coach brought Kam into the game just before the last inning.  He hit another fly ball deep into the outfield and was caught.

The next time the Bears took the field the coach had Kam play first base.

Though it was short lived it was nice to see him play.

Here's a pic of Ms. A waiting for Kam to come out.  (You can see him on the far right of the pic.)   He signed a baseball he gave her years ago and he also signed Sweet P's pink Astros baseball.  I wish I had gotten a pic.  :(

He is so kind to the girls.  He always makes time to talk to them.  Can you tell how proud she was to take this pic?

The Bears won Friday night 4-2.  The Cougars won Saturday night 10-4 and again on Sunday 11-2.

I want to thank Kam for getting us two tickets for every game.  We really appreciated it.  We look forward to seeing him play in Waco.  And yes, I will be going by the Magnolia Store.  :)

That my friend wraps up what we did all weekend...watched baseball games and we loved it.  The weather was perfect and so was the company.  We met some really nice parents of the team players.  One of the couples had come as far as California.

As I write this post it is pouring down rain outside.  I'm not complaining as we can certainly use the rain.  My heart goes out to those of you that have gotten excessive amounts of rain.  I'm sending prayers to you that the rain subsides and the water goes down soon.

Take care,




  1. Awesome!! So glad y'all came. It's going to be fun in Waco when y'all come!

    1. We had a great time. Looking forward to going to Waco soon. Go Bears!!!