Apr 23, 2016

Comfortable Walking Shoes

I am sure you'd agree.  There is nothing more important than having a comfortable walking shoe.  :)  I had a feeling it was about time for me to replace my current tennis shoes but after our trip to Waco, TX I had no doubt.  The back of my heels were hurting almost like I had a blister even though I didn't.

I thought my old shoes still looked pretty good.  However, the comfort was gone.  My old tennis shoes were Nike Cross Training shoes so I know I am not comparing apples to apples.  More like apples to oranges.  :)

I thought this photo was interesting.  It shows how I was walking on the outside of my foot.

I began researching comfortable walking shoes and up came Ryka.  Ryka is a women only sport company.  So I thought a company that caters to women should know what they are doing, right?  I began to read the reviews, lots of them.  Everyone had great things to say about their shoes.  Especially these.

The Devotion Plus Walking Shoe.  I normally wear a size 5 shoe but I like to size up my tennis shoes and boots so I have extra toe space just in case I wear thick socks.  I don't know about you, but I can't stand crowded toes!


I love my new walking shoes.  They provide so much support and cushioning.

I am very happy with my new shoes.

Especially my feet!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Take care,



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