Apr 26, 2016

Overnight With the Grandkids

The grandkids stayed overnight last night.  I made the Penne Pie for dinner.  Surprisingly all three of them ate it.  I'm not sure if Ms. A liked it or if she was being polite and ate it.  Sometimes you can't tell with her.  :)  It makes so much.  I sent the leftovers home with their mom.

Sweet P put together the Snow White puzzle in no time at all.  She was grabbing the pieces and putting them together so fast.  The last time we worked on it it took way longer than it took her and there were several of us working on it.

Mr. W wanted to be included in the photo.

 He was so proud of the puzzle.  You would have thought he did it all by himself.  :)

 He and I have his bedtime ritual down to an art.  He goes to the bathroom, watches one episode of Super Why on Netflix then it's lights out.  He does not complain or anything.  He laughs, kisses me good night and goes right to sleep.  So easy!

Isn't he cute?  Maybe he can relate to him?  :)

The girls and I watched Charm City West's Cakes.  I had recorded the Monster Truck, Skylanders, an electric guitar and a few others.  Duff Goldman is so incredibly talented.  The girls were blown away.

A visit to Maw Maw's is not complete without Sweet P getting her fingers and toes painted.  She likes to paint each nail a different color.  She chooses the color and the pattern.  Today she did her toes just like her fingers.

Here are the colors she chose.

Can you tell she is into pinks?

 I apply a base coat, two coats of regular polish, a top coat of gel setter finished off by Seche Vite's fast drying polish.  Believe it or not it dries fast enough she does not get a chance to mess them up.  Hopefully they will last a while.

 This morning they had a really healthy breakfast of donuts.  :)  Their favorite.

Hope you are having a great week!!!

Take care,



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