Apr 7, 2016

Sweet P's Work Day

Sweet P is going to Karolyi's Camp this summer and has been doing chores to make money to pay for part of her fees.  She called us to see if there was anything she could do to earn money.  I told her I could use help pulling weeds and cleaning the pool.  She was so excited.

I didn't get any pics of her pulling weeds but I did manage to get some of her cleaning the pool.  I taught her how to sweep the tanning deck and she did a really good job.

She also pulled weeds in the back bed.  She was really good about asking if something was  a weed or a real plant.  Someone has taught her well.  :)

After working up a sweat she sat down to eat a Mickey Mouse popsicle.  She really wanted to go swimming so we dropped the thermometer in to get the temp of the water.

It was either 74 or 76 degrees...a little too chilly to swim but she was determined.  So I called her mom and she said if she wanted to she could so she did.

The first thing she did was grab the rings to throw them into the pool.  I advised her not to just in case the water was too cold to swim.  She was so sure it wouldn't be so she threw them in at the shallow end.

Here she is trying to adjust to the temperature of the water (iPhone photos aren't as clear.)

And here she is trying to catch the rings with her toes to get them out of the pool.

One down and five to go!

Here is one happy girl!

I don't think I have to worry about her wanting to get in the pool any time soon.  :)

Hope you have a great day today!




  1. Such a cutie, and hard worker!

    1. Thank you! Are you going to find chores for Brook to do this summer?