Apr 6, 2016

What's Happening Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!  I hope you are having a great Wednesday morning.  Things are loud and dusty here.  :)  The pool company is here working hard to remove the coping around the pool.  Why you ask?  When we had the pool installed we chose to have our coping stained.  It was beautiful!  Until the calcium deposits started surfacing leaving white spots.  Our pool company has done several things over the last four years to alleviate the problem without success.  So today is the first day of construction (or should I say destruction) to put this problem in the past.

Once the coping has been removed they are going to install brown walnut Travertine.  We are so excited to see the new look.

In the meantime everything is a hot mess.  However, it is so exciting to know we will never have to deal with those annoying spots again!!!

Here's to wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Take care,



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