May 6, 2016

Happy Happy Friday!!!

Hello there and happy Friday to you!  I imagine you have a weekend filled with lots of plans to celebrate Mother's Day.  Ours will be pretty low key.  We are all going out to eat on Saturday afternoon.  This should help us avoid the crowds.  :)

I realize these aren't the usual photos I share with you.  However, I have to document this chapter in our life.  We have had our pool for 4 1/2 years now and this is the first time it has ever turned green!  Yuck!!!  Any one that knows the hubs will never believe this is our pool.  But it is!!!  We can't believe it either!

 For a couple of weeks now, the pool company has been here tearing out the coping, and sanding concrete...just making a hot mess of everything.  The brown walnut Travertine has been laid and the new 1 inch tiles are in.

Today they will remove the water from the pool (most all of it), remove the grout around the old tiles, re-grout it, acid wash the pool and restore it to its beautiful blue self.  I can't wait.

The next thing we will do is fill the pool with water, replace the filters with new ones and start adding the salt and other chemicals we use to maintain the pool.

Everything is so dusty and dirty.  I've already washed the curtains so they are ready to be rehung once everything is done.

We will be sealing the travertine so it will have a slightly darker, wet look.  We can't wait!

I am looking forward to spending many, many hours out here...when it's nice and clean!

Have a great day!!!



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  1. LoL - I can feel your hubby twitching every time he looked out the window! :-P