May 2, 2016

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday my sweet friends!  I hope you had a good weekend doing the things you love with the people you love.

We had a wonderful time at Kickapoo Kamp and I have a lot of photos to share with you.  I'll do that tomorrow.

I hadn't planned to do a post today as I have been really busy doing consulting work.  But...the hubs convinced me to watch a movie with him.  The 5th Quarter.  Have you heard of it?  I hadn't.  When we were in Waco last month my brother mentioned how much he loved that movie.  He has seen it many, many times but he didn't own the movie.  So the hubs told me "we need to order that movie for your brother for his birthday".  Okay...we found it on Amazon and ordered one for him and one for us.  Isn't that how it usually goes?  :)  One for me and one for you?  We will give it to him next week when we are all in Waco to see Kam play ball.

The movie came in while I was gone and he watched it.  He tried his hardest to get me to watch it when I got home on Sunday but I could not keep my eyes open.  I think he was a bit disappointed but I knew I would not make it to the end.  So we watched it tonight.

It is a very good movie.  I cried and I cried and I cried.  I am not going to tell you anything about the movie other than it is a true story and a good Christian based movie.  #love5thquarter.  It is rated PG13.

I'd love to hear about any good movies you may have seen lately.

Take care and have a wonderful week!




  1. That hubs he is something else. Lol. Karl's going to love it!

    1. Ha ha! Looking forward to seeing you next week in Waco. Sic 'em Bears!